FLEURI is a female-owned jewelry brand whose mantra is to design luxury essentials for women. The brand utilizes high-quality materials like solid gold, pearls and diamonds to craft elegant and authentic staples at a sensible price.

The brand was built by two women who shared a passion for collecting timeless, meaningful, high quality jewelry. The collection is locally sourced and inspired by influential women, both from personal reference and historical inspiration. 

FLEURI's mission is to source the best products and materials. Whether it's their lightweight hoops or premium pearls, they've hand-selected each at a gold standard quality. Their intention is to curate a premium collection to live on as your forever heirloom.

A note from the founders: We are always humbled and grateful when someone chooses to integrate one of our pieces into their lives. We hope you feel our love while wearing your Fleuri piece, and that it inspires you to always be a stylish, strong, and groundbreaking woman.