Rosa - K01
Rosa - K01 Rosa - K01 Rosa - K01 Delicate, Dainty, Everyday Gold Hoop Earrings with Small Freshwater Pearls
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Rosa - K01

Sweet and subtle, our everyday go-to hoop earrings.  Her simplicity makes for versatility. Designed to be lightweight, so you can wear her from morning until night. Every pair will be unique to you.


Style Tips

Rosa is a staple must-have. Pair her with the Lilian necklace and the Grace Bracelet for a finished look. She's made for comfort and elegance. 


All pearls in our collection are created through natural formation which means no two are alike. While we cannot guarantee exact replicas of the pearls pictured, we can guarantee that the pearls you receive will be unique to you.

Please allow 5-10 days for your handmade orders to ship.

Dedicated to Rosa Parks (1913-2005). Parks was an influential American activist in the civil rights movement. By refusing to give up her seat to a white man on a Montgomery, Alabama, city bus, Parks helped initiate the movement.



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