Cecil - K09
Cecil - K09 Cecil - K09
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Cecil - K09

Our perfect statement hoops. Her coin-shaped pearl adds that perfect amount of je ne sais quoi... Designed to be lightweight, so you can wear her from morning until night. Every pair is unique to its owner.

Vintage inspired, made with sophistication in mind and lots of love, by hand. 



Cecil is a statement piece that can elevate a morning errands run or be the final accessory to your evening date. She's made to be noticed.


  • Please allow 5-10 days for your handmade orders to ship. 

Dedicated to Cecil Woodham-Smith (1896 - 1977): A historian and biographer, writing four popular history books that each dealt with an important aspect of the Victorian era. One of these books became the most widely read Irish history book of all time.


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